About us

About us

The story of Bob Go

Our story started when bidorbuy founder, Andy Higgins linked up with Jaco Roux, founder of online price comparison engine jump.co.za, and invested in Jump. Their shared passion for the potential of the internet led to the start of what is now known as Bob Go. Headed up by Craig Lubbe, Bob Shop worked closely with Bob Go to build an integration between the systems. Subsequently, the two companies also hosted many joint ecommerce events over the years.

Fast forward to 2022, and everything changed. Finally the two companies had come full circle. It was now the turn of Bob Go to invest in Bob Shop. They bought 100% of the shares in Bob Shop and introduced a radical new idea: one company that would singlehandedly transform people’s experience of ecommerce. 

That company is Bob Group. Inspired by our shared history of entrepreneurship and overcoming adversity, the Bob Group will empower future ecommerce success stories by providing the tools and services that budding online businesses need.

Previously known as uAfrica, Bob Go has evolved drastically over the years. From developing cloud-based solutions and being the official Shopify reseller in South Africa at its inception, the company has shifted its focus to the shipping and fulfillment app that it is today. Presently, Bob Go aspires to be a smart shipping and order management solution with world-class technology and access to South Africa’s best courier companies.