Rates at checkout

Rates at checkout

Give your customers the power of choice

Rates at checkout is a Bob Go service that allows accounts to set up shipping rates that will be charged to their buyers at checkout. These rates will be configured based on certain criteria and can be set up for different service levels with other specific requirements.

Greater transparency

Less abandoned carts

Reduce human error

Increased conversions

Users can create multiple rates within a service level. Each rate has its own criteria and if multiple rates are matched on a single request, the cheapest rate is returned. To set up a rate, a delivery area must be added and the weight and order value must be specified. The specific type of rate required can then be selected:

  • Dynamic rates: These rates are determined by Bob Go, based on all integrated couriers. The rates are based on cached rates gathered for each service level, each zone and each courier
  • Fixed rates: This is a single, fixed rate charged to customers at checkout when specific conditions are met. For free shipping to be applied, a fixed rate of zero can be configured.
  • Courier rates: Courier rates are real-time rates returned to customers at checkout. The rates take into consideration the order weight, the customer’s shipping address and the collection address, to display shipping options for your customer.
  • Formula rates: A formula can be configured to return rates at checkout within the bounds of the criteria based on a minimum charge and a minimum weight, with a rate per kilogram thereafter.
  • No rate: This rate option can be selected if users do not want to service a specific area, and thus, will return no rates if the criteria is met.

Enabling rates at checkout:

Before you can use rates at checkout, you will need to enable this functionality for your specific sales channel. For WooCommerce stores, you will need to install and activate the Bob Go plugin on your store admin. For Shopify stores, the Third-Party Carrier-Calculated Shipping Rates feature must be enabled on Shopify first. This is available to the “Advanced Shopify” plan holders by default. However, you can add this functionality to your plan by contacting Shopify Support.