Delivery partners

Courier partners

Meet our delivery partners

We believe in offering our customers excellent service in addition to the best rates possible for national delivery anywhere in South Africa. That is why our delivery partners are carefully selected for integration with Bob Go. 

Courier door-to-door

Courier door-to-door delivery services provides collection from the sender and delivers them to the customer’s doorstep.

The Courier Guy


Internet Express



Pickup points

Pickup points consist of lockers and counters, which allow customers to collect their parcels at their own convenience.

Bob Box


Pickup points

Pickup points are designated locations where customers can pick up their parcels, offering customers the flexibility of picking them up at a specified location at their convenience. 

Why offer pickup points?

Pickup points on Bob Go

Pickup point radius

Customers within a 5 km radius of a specific pickup point will have the option of delivery to that location. The 5 nearest lockers and counters within a 5 km radius will be displayed to customers at checkout.

Add a new service level

To offer your customers pickup points as a delivery option, an additional service level must be set up in rates at checkout. Only one service level for pickup points can exist at a time. Once the service level has been created, various rates can be set up.

Quick order fulfillment

The pickup point selected by the customer at checkout will be pre-selected during order fulfillment to reduce human error and ensure that you are shipping the order to the desired location.

On demand

On demand collections are specialised last-mile delivery solutions that focus on providing same-day delivery for high-priority collections.



You do not need to open an account with every delivery partner in order to use their services. Instead, automatically gain access to them all simultaneously by signing up for an account on Bob Go!

Service levels

A “service level” is basically the time period from when a parcel is collected from the sender to when it is delivered to the customer. Service level details generally vary between delivery partners.


Delivery takes place on the day of collection, so collection must be requested before 11am.


Delivery takes place on the day after collection, so collection is to be requested before 11am.


Delivery time varies between 48 and 72 hours, chiefly depending on the destination address.


Same day, Overnight or Economy. A flyer bag must be used and a flyer must be shipped.


Delivery time varies between 48 and 72 hours, depending on the destination address.