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Create service levels

To create a service level, first select what type of service level you would like to create: to door deliveries or pickup points. Only one service level for pick-up points can exist at a time. Once selected, complete the relevant fields as required. The service level name is the name of the rate that will be presented to customers at checkout, while the handling time and delivery time can also be modified to suit your processes. Ensure that the service level is enabled if you would like it to be active.

  • Max. pickup points to show (for pickup points only): 
    The maximum number of available pickup points that will be displayed to customers at checkout. 
  • Handling time:
    Additional time for preparing the shipment that can be added to rates to give customers a better idea of expected delivery time.
  • Delivery time:
    When using a fixed rate, the user can specify the delivery time for the applicable service level. The calculated time includes weekends and public holidays. 
  • Advanced options:
    Liability, or insurance, can be added for each service level as an optional feature to cover the cost of lost or damaged items.

Set up rates to charge at checkout under specific service levels. A rate can be added to an existing service level or a new service level can be configured to the user’s specifications. 

Users are able to configure multiple rates and the conditions are allowed to overlap. In such a case the cheapest rate will be selected. There is one exception to this and that is when a No rate configuration is matched.

Setting up rates

Users can create multiple rates under a service level. Each rate has its own criteria and if multiple rates are matched on a single request, the cheapest rate will be returned. To set up a rate, a delivery area must be added, and the weight and order value must be specified. The specific type of rate required can then be selected:

Dynamic rates
These rates are based on cached rates gathered for each service level,
each zone and each courier.
Fixed rates
This is a single, fixed rate charged to customers at checkout when specific
conditions are met. A fixed rate of zero can be configured for free shipping.
Formula rates
A formula can be configured to return rates at checkout within the bounds
of the criteria based on a minimum charge and a minimum weight, with
a rate per kilogram thereafter.
No rate
This rate option can be selected if users do not want to service a specific
area, and thus, will return no rates if the criteria is met.
Courier rates
Courier rates are real-time rates returned to customers at checkout. The
rates take into consideration the order weight and addresses.
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