Rates at checkout on Shopify

Using rates at checkout on Shopify

Before you can use rates at checkout, you will need to enable the Third-Party Carrier-Calculated Shipping Rates feature on Shopify first. This is available to the “Advanced Shopify” plan holders by default. However, you can add this functionality to your plan by contacting Shopify support. Once enabled, ensure that the Bob Go app is installed on your Shopify admin to link your store.

Next, ensure that Bob Go is selected as the preferred third-party app on Shopify admin. Navigate to settings, then shipping and delivery in the left navigation menu and click on manage shipping profile. Select shipping to and switch to the carrier and app rates tab. Add a rate, and toggle the option to “Use carrier or app to calculate rates”. From the menu, select Bob Go.

On Bob Go, navigate to rates at checkout in the left navigation pane, and enable this for your Shopify channel in the settings sub-menu.