Sticker printer installation

Zebra label printer setup and installation

Connection options


Download the Zebra Browser Print application for your specific operating system:

Install and run
Once the Zebra Browser Print is installed, open and run the application
End User License Agreement
When prompted, accept the “Browser Print End User License Agreement”
Add security exception

To enable secure communication between your printer and browser, a security exception needs to be added to your browser. When prompted, click OK.


Security warning

Depending on your browser (Chrome was used in this example), you will be shown a security warning. Click “Advanced” and “Proceed to localhost”.

If the exception was added successfully, you will see a message reading “SSL Certificate has been accepted. Retry connection.” When asked if “localhost” should be added to the “accepted hosts list”, click “Yes”.

Open the “Zebra Browser Print” application

Right-click the Zebra Icon in your taskbar and click on “Settings”.


Log in to Bob Go

Log into your Bob Go account and go to a previously fulfilled order. Select “Print Label” from the shipping label dropdown. You will be asked to allow “https://www.bobgo.co.za” access to the Zebra printer. Click “Yes” to complete the configuration and print your shipping label.

Print label
After printing your first shipping label, you need to make sure that the alignment of the sticker is correct – in other words, that all the information is visible on the sticker and that nothing is cut off on the sides. If this is not the case, then it will require you to recalibrate the label printer by holding in the feed button: the LED light will blink once (keep holding the button), will blink twice (keep holding), will blink 3-times (keep holding), until it blinks four times. Only then can you let go of the button. The printer will then automatically feed a few stickers to calibrate and the alignment should be correct.