Integrating Magento

Installing Magento as a channel

On Magento:

Navigate to system, and select integrations. Add a new integration in the top right corner and enter an integration name and your email address. Once saved, navigate to API under the ‘Basic Settings’ and change the resource access to “All”. Save the change in information and the integration should be added. Activate the integration and allow access to the displayed information. The integration tokens for extension will be displayed, which is the information required to allow Bob Go access to Magento.

On Bob Go:

Navigate to sales channels in the left navigation pane and select Magento from the options on the screen. Enter your store domain, as well as the integration tokens as generated on Magento. Follow the prompts to allow Bob Go access to your store. 

To enable the syncing of order information back to Magento, navigate to sales channels and click the settings cog of the Magento channel to open a dropdown menu. From the menu, select to change channel settings. Enable the preferred settings and save the changes.