Integrating WooCommerce

How to integrate WooCommerce

Install the Bob Go plugin:

Download and activate the plugin from WordPress Plugins or directly on your WordPress admin. After the Bob Go plugin has been installed, navigate the below steps to ensure rates at checkout is enabled:

  • On WooCommerce admin, navigate to settings, shipping, then to Bob Go rates at checkout and enable this feature.
  • On Bob Go, enable rates at checkout for WooCommerce in your rates at checkout settings.

Integrate your WooCommerce store:

Please make sure the following settings are activated in your WooCommerce plugin on WordPress before linking up the WooCommerce channel on Bob Go:

  1. Log into your WordPress admin site.
  2. Click on the “WooCommerce” tab and then “Settings”.
  3. Click on “Advanced” in the tab, and then on “REST API” in the sub-menu.
  4. If Bob Go is already on your WooCommerce site, make sure it has READ/WRITE access. Bob Go needs “Read/Write” access to ensure that order updates are sent back to your WooCommerce store.
  5. If you do not have Bob Go on your WooCommmerce site yet, click “Add key”.
  6. A “Key Details” page will load:
    In the “Description” text box, add Bob Go
    In the “User” box, select the default admin user
    In the “Permissions” box, select Read/Write
    Then click on the “Generate API key” button.
  7. The consumer key and consumer secret will now be shown to you. You will need to copy these values and paste them into the relevant spaces in Bob Go. We highly recommend saving these values somewhere, as you might not be able to view them at a later stage.
  8. Next, go to your WordPress Settings, select “Permalinks” and make sure “Post Name” is selected.
  9. Once those settings are all activated, please copy the URL. You must use your admin site URL to integrate your WooCommerce store to the Bob Go platform. You can find this by logging into your admin site and copying the URL from the address bar (it should NOT have /wp-admin/ in it).
  10. On the Bob Go platform, click on the “Sales Channels” tab and select WooCommerce from the options on the screen.
  11. Paste your WordPress admin site URL (copied in the previous steps) into the relevant fields and complete the WooCommerce installer on Bob Go to grant access to your WooCommerce store.
  12. To ensure access, tick the box next to “Use alternative authentication method”.