How to geocode an address

How to geocode and verify an address

A tag has been added to all addresses on Bob Go to show whether or not an address has been geocoded, and thus, verified. Although an order with an unverified address can still be fulfilled, we suggest editing and geocoding the address to reduce the risk of the parcel being delivered to the incorrect address.

A geocoded and verified address will be a green label and an unverified address will be yellow, as shown in the screenshot below:

If an order’s shipping address is unverified and shows the yellow label, edit the address by using the Google Autocomplete address search field to geocode, and thus verify the address. To correct or edit the address, click on the edit icon next to the “Address not verified” label. This will open the “Edit shipping address” modal, which retains the original shipping address for reference but allows you to edit the address. You must save the changes in order to see if the new address is verified.

Please note that addresses are re-geocoded every thirty days to ensure we are on par with Google’s coordinate updates. Thus, should a previously geocoded address no longer be geocoded, you will need to update and resave your addresses.