How to partially fufill an order

How to partially fulfil an order

Navigate to orders in the left navigation panel and open an unfulfilled order that you would like to complete, by either clicking on the the order number or the “More fulfillment options” button. This will open the order details page. Once you confirm the collection and delivery addresses, add your parcel details. Here it is important to be as accurate as possible, as the courier rate is dependent on the dimensions of the parcel. Also, the more accurate you are with your dimensions, the less of a difference there will be between the initial and confirmed charge. 

Before you generate rates, you can indicate that this is a partial fulfillment by using the toggle function. Select the item(s) that you would like to fulfill in this shipment by changing the quantities of the items.

Once you are satisfied with your order details, you will be able to generate rates. Select your preferred rate from the modal and book the shipment. To fulfill the rest of the order, simply go back to your orders, open the order and follow the same steps as outlined above.