How to import orders

How to import orders via CSV or Excel

You are able to import orders using a CSV file on Bob Go to save you the time and effort of creating manual orders. To import orders with a CSV or Excel file, navigate to orders in the left navigation panel and click on “Import Orders”. Select the “Import CSV” option from the dropdown menu and add your files. If you have errors in the file that you have imported, the system will flag this or show you errors. These errors will then have to be resolved before the file can be imported. You can also download a template that will show you how the files should look.

Once the file has been uploaded, a mapping tool is available where the user can map columns in the file to the required and supported fields on Bob Go. Known fields will be mapped, but can be changed if required. Please note that the upload can only be completed once all fields have been mapped. 

Required fields:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Contact number
  • Street address
  • Suburb
  • City
  • Province
  • Postal code
  • Payment status

Additional supported fields:

  • Order number
  • Collection address name 
  • Delivery instructions
  • Buyer shipping charge
  • Item name
  • Item weight (kg)
  • Item unit price
  • Item quantity