Paperless returns

Process for paperless returns

Please note that this process should be the exception and not the norm. Paperless returns can only be done when booking with The Courier Guy.

If your customer is unable to print the Bob Go waybill, then the sender should write the Bob Go waybill number, the address, and service level directly and clearly on the shipment (box or flyer bag). Upon collection, the driver will affix the TCG tracking sticker to the shipment and marry the collection request number (on the driver’s device) and the waybill number (written on the shipment) to the parcel sticker on the device. If the sender requires proof of collection, they must take a photograph of the TCG driver with the parcel and the UA number visible, and save this as proof of collection. This is highly recommended for possible losses.

At delivery, the receiver must enter the OTP pin provided via tracking SMS, or sign a paper waybill if required/preferred as proof of delivery. Alternative options for proof of delivery include a verbal POD or an image of the customer and shipment.

It is important that the driver does not make use of a manual waybill, since this will override the tracking number.