Account setup

Hello and welcome to Bob Go!

Let’s set you up for success! We’ll guide you through the setup process to make sure you get the most out of your account.

Step 1: Add a default collection address

To create an address, navigate to address book in the left navigation panel. In the panel on the right, you can add your addresses and use the toggle function to mark the address as a collection address. If you do so, you can add the advanced setting information as required for all collection addresses, including an address-specific collection note and logo. A collection address can also be marked as “default”, which is the address the system will always revert to. You must have one default collection address in order to complete shipments. 

Step 2: Set up predefined packages

Setting up predefined packages and configuring your settings can help you speed up your fulfillment processes. Navigate to settings in the left navigation panel and add package details in the shipping tab. These will be available to select during order fulfillment or shipment creation. A predefined package can also be marked as “default”, which is what the system will always revert to. 

Step 3: Set email notification settings

Edit and customise the emails that are sent to your customers as their parcel goes through the delivery process. Navigate to settings in the left navigation panel and select notifications in the the top menu. You will be able to see the notification currently set up, with an indication of whether or not they have already been customised. You can use the arrow icon restore the default template or the pencil icon to edit the template. The editor modal is simple and easy to use, with placeholder functions to customise your notifications. Once you have made the required changes, you can either test send a test email or save the template.

Step 4: Add billing details

Add your billing details, set up your payment method and top up your account before you start shipping. Navigate to account in the left navigation panel and set up your details in the billing tab. 

Step 5: Top up your account

To ship your first parcel, you will need to add money into your account. You will not be able to ship with a negative balance and are able to top up your account at any stage. This will allow you to make payment towards your account balance as needed or desired.