Address fields at Ecwid checkout

How to change the address fields at Ecwid checkout

By default, the checkout fields on Ecwid do not include a separate province field, which is required for fulfillment on Bob Go. In order to streamline the fulfillment process and eliminate the necessity for manual adjustments, we strongly advise making modifications to the address fields within your Ecwid store’s checkout settings. 

To “trigger” the province dropdown on checkout, another (manual) shipping method must be set up:

  1. On Ecwid admin, create a new Local Delivery shipping method.
    (Please note: this shipping method will be disabled again to prevent the actual rates from showing)
  2. Choose a rate option. As an example, we selected “Free delivery”, but you can setup a flat rate as a precaution to prevent someone from accidentally enabling the rate and offering free shipping). 
  3. On the setup page, select “South Africa” from the dropdown under the Set delivery zone‍ option.
  4. Click on Save & Finish.
  5. Immediately, on the next page, change the status of this shipping method to Disabled to prevent the rates from being displayed at checkout. 
    (This shipping method can also be deleted after the province fields have been configured.)