Shopify locations

Shopify locations and fulfillment

Shopify locations must be linked to a specific collection address on Bob Go to successfully push fulfillments to Shopify.

To link your Shopify locations to a collection address on Bob Go, navigate to sales channels in the left navigation pane and click on your Shopify channel. Link your Shopify locations to the Bob Go collection addresses in the locations tab. In order to update locations on Shopify, navigate to settings in your Shopify admin and select locations.

When an order contains items stored at the same location, you will need to link that location with the specific collection address you are fulfilling from to ensure that the fulfillment is successfully pushed through to Shopify.

However, should an order have multiple items stored in multiple locations, you will need to do a partial fulfilment for each itemThe fulfillments will then be updated to Shopify successfully if the Shopify location that the item is stored at and the collection address used to fulfil the order are linked correctly.

But if a Shopify location is not linked to the correct collection address, the order will not be successfully submitted to Shopify. In this case, you need to manually unlink your collection address from the location (if incorrectly linked), relink it to the correct location and then click on the “Resubmit” button next to the failed status under “Channel fulfillments”.

It is very important to note that you will not be able to bulk fulfill orders on Bob Go if you are making use of multiple Shopify locations if there are multiple items at multiple locations in one order.