Common ecommerce shipping mistakes (and how to avoid them!)

Effective shipping practices play a crucial role in shaping customer satisfaction and loyalty. While the online shopping experience has definitely evolved, shipping mistakes still abound, leading to unhappy customers, negative reviews, and lost revenue. In this blog post, we’ll delve into some of the most common ecommerce shipping mistakes and provide actionable strategies  to avoid them.

Providing inaccurate product weights and dimensions

One of the primary reasons for unexpected shipping costs and delays is inaccurate product dimensions and weights. When your products don’t match the information provided to your courier partner or shipping solution, it can lead to unexpected shipping rate adjustments and potential delays. To avoid this, invest in a reliable weighing scale and measuring tools. Always update your products on your store and pre-defined parcels on Bob Go with precise dimensions and weights, and double-check their accuracy before shipping.

Ignoring courier options

Choosing the right courier for your ecommerce business is critical. Each courier offers different rates, delivery times, and services. Ignoring the options available and sticking to just one courier can lead to overpaying for shipping or failing to meet customer expectations for delivery times. Research and compare shipping options regularly to ensure you’re using the couriers that best align with your business needs and your customers’ preferences.

Or simply use Bob Go and get access to multiple couriers on one platform. 

Neglecting options for shipping

Unexpected shipping costs at the checkout stage can be a major turn-off for customers, so it’s essential to be transparent about shipping costs upfront – including any limitations like thresholds for free shipping (if offered). Offer multiple shipping options at varying price points, including express and economy service levels. In addition, consider offering pickup points as a delivery option as well. 

Poor packaging practices

Failing to properly package products can result in damaged goods and disappointed customers. Invest in quality packaging materials that provide adequate protection. Fragile items should be cushioned with bubble wrap or packing peanuts, and liquids should be securely sealed to prevent leaks. Use sturdy boxes and ensure there’s enough space between the product and the box’s walls to prevent damage during transit.

Inadequate tracking and communication

Customers expect real-time updates on their orders. Lack of tracking or communication can lead to frustrated customers and a flood of queries about order statuses. Implement a robust order tracking system and send automated email notifications at various stages of the shipping process, including order confirmation, shipment, and delivery. Providing tracking numbers allows customers to monitor their packages and reduces the likelihood of missed deliveries.

Use Bob Go’s tracking system and automated email notifications to keep your customers updated on every step in their parcel’s journey. 

Not offering parcel insurance

Accidents happen, and packages can get lost or damaged in transit. Not offering parcel insurance to customers can leave them feeling vulnerable. Consider offering insurance as an optional add-on during the checkout process. This provides peace of mind to customers and protects your business from liability.

Avoiding common ecommerce shipping mistakes is essential for maintaining customer satisfaction, building trust, and fostering a positive brand reputation. By implementing these strategies, you can create a seamless experience that delights customers and keeps them coming back for more. Remember, in ecommerce, successful shipping practices are a cornerstone of success.