Innovative ecommerce logistics solutions

Ecommerce logistics solutions

Ecommerce is very different to conventional bricks and mortar retail operations, and it is only possible thanks to the sort of ecommerce logistics solutions delivered by Bob Go. In ecommerce, the connection between the customer and the item they have purchased is only made once the delivery has been completed – the so-called ‘unboxing moment’ now takes place at home, rather than in the store.

As an online retailer, you know that logistics are essential, but at the same time, the associated admin can be a major drain on your time and resources when your main focus should be on growing your business. What you need are logistics solutions that form the underlying connections in your business: the links between buyer and product, and between you and the buyer.

While the initial connection is always digital, logistics makes this a much more tangible experience for everyone. Your customers will always remember how you made them feel, so it’s worth investing in logistics solutions that eliminate uncertainty, delay and inconvenience.

Get ahead of your rivals

In the competitive world of ecommerce, your buyers will always judge you on whether you keep your promises. One of the easiest ways that they can measure this is by their logistics experience: how long their item takes to arrive, the condition it is in, and the communications that take place during the process.

Creating and maintaining a connection with each customer is vital to the ongoing success of your online business, according to the conventional wisdom that retaining an existing customer is much less expensive than recruiting new customers. Lasting relationships mean an enduring business.

Build trust, build your business

Outsourcing your online logistics solutions requires a similar level of trust, which is why you need to choose a fulfilment and order management partner with an impeccable track record. Bob Go – formerly uAfrica – is now part of Bob Group, and specialises in linking your business to courier partners that can then deliver on your promises, nationwide, and at rates that can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

When you subscribe to Bob Go, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of services that will reinforce relationships across your business. You’ll be able to integrate your existing sales platforms via our API, and be able to choose from our range of courier partners.

You’ll be able to generate waybills with a single click, and offer your customers rates at checkout – again, this will show that your business is trustworthy, flexible, and able to accommodate the needs of different customers.

With seamless ecommerce logistics solutions provided by Bob Go, you’ll feel a deeper sense of connection to your customers, and they’ll be able to shop with you in complete confidence. This offers you a compelling advantage over your customers, and align your business for continued success.

Ecommerce in South Africa has enjoyed remarkable growth over the last few years – with Bob Go on your team, you can ensure that you get your fair share of the profits. To experience our solutions for yourself, click here to start your free Bob Go trial: https://my.bobgo.co.za/register