How to reduce shipping costs for small businesses in South Africa 

shipping costs

Running a small business in South Africa is an exciting adventure, but shipping can sometimes feel like a treacherous mountain trek. Fear not, intrepid entrepreneurs! Here at Bob Go, we’re your sherpa, guiding you through the landscape of delivery with strategies to optimise your processes and conquer shipping costs.

Efficiency is our trail guide

Pack like a pro: Ditch the empty spaces! We help you find the right-sized packaging and void-fill solutions to minimise that pesky dimensional weight, a major cost factor. Consider custom flyer bags with Bob Go’s eco-friendly options for an added sustainability bonus.

Tech hikes your efficiency: Technology is your compass! Invest in Bob Go’s shipping software to automate tasks like label generation, rate comparisons, and order fulfilment. This saves you precious time, minimises errors, and ensures accurate, efficient deliveries.

Negotiate your descent: Don’t be afraid to haggle with different couriers! You do not need to open an account with every courier partner in order to use their services. Instead, automatically gain access to all these couriers simultaneously by signing up for an account on Bob Go! We can also assist you with local courier recommendations that suit your region and budget.

Exploring alternative paths

Locker power: Take advantage of the growing network of smart lockers for convenient and often cost-effective delivery, especially for smaller items. Customers appreciate the flexibility, while you benefit from potentially lower rates facilitated by Bob Box.

Strategic shipping solutions

Tiered delivery: Cater to diverse customer needs with Bob Go’s tiered delivery options. Offer a range of speeds and costs based on budget and urgency. This approach incentivizes faster purchases with lower-cost options while satisfying those who prioritise speed.

Free shipping thresholds: Encourage larger orders and offset shipping costs by implementing a minimum purchase amount for free shipping. Bob Go can help you determine the optimal threshold to boost average order value.

Transparency is key: Build trust and avoid checkout surprises by clearly communicating shipping costs and estimated delivery times upfront with Bob Go’s rates at checkout feature.

Sustainability summit

Go green with Bob Go: Opt for recyclable or biodegradable packaging whenever possible. This aligns with your sustainability goals, appeals to environmentally conscious customers, and potentially qualifies you for special discounts on eco-friendly courier bags offered by Bob Go partner Enveloop by using the code BOBGO.

Reduce and reuse: Explore minimal packaging solutions like padded envelopes or custom-fit boxes with Bob Go’s guidance. While there might be an upfront investment, minimising dimensional weight ultimately reduces costs.

Remember, the path to lower shipping costs is an ongoing journey. Bob Go is your trusted companion, continuously evaluating processes, exploring new technologies, and negotiating with couriers to ensure you stay ahead. By implementing these strategies and leveraging Bob Go’s expertise, you can transform shipping from a burden to a competitive advantage, propelling your South African small business towards success!