Shipping for small businesses

Struggling with shipping?

As a small business owner, you have a lot of demands on your time and attention, and it can feel like you have too many plates to keep spinning. You’ve probably heard the advice about outsourcing everything, apart from focusing on growing your company, and that certainly rings true when it comes to shipping for small businesses.

Shipping is a vital function, but if you try to handle it yourself, it can be very time-consuming. This can distract you from trying to grow your business, and even limit your business potential. What you need is a simple, elegant and 100% reliable solution – when you know that shipping and fulfilment have been taken care of, you’ll have one less thing on your to-do list.

The challenge of shipping

Doing your own shipping means having accounts with one or more courier companies, calculating shipping rates, and trying to track parcels and share this information with your customers. Imagine if you had access to one easy-to-use online portal, where all your shipping for small businesses needs could be met in just a few clicks.

The Bob Go difference

That’s precisely what Bob Go offers – and here’s how a subscription to Bob Go can free up your time and leave you able to concentrate on growing your start-up, side hustle or small enterprise:

  • One comprehensive solution for all your order management and fulfilment 
  • Choice of scalable subscription packages 
  • Competitive rates from SA’s leading courier companies 
  • One-click printing for shipping labels 
  • Real-time tracking notifications for you and your customers 
  • Simple shipping rate calculator

With Bob Go as your fulfilment partner, a whole load of hassle simply falls away. You’ll be able to deliver even better customer service – and that means more positive reviews, referrals, and new customers. 

Save time and money

Bob Go automates those parts of your business that can take up the most time. By streamlining your order management and fulfilment, we can give you back that time, so you can spend it on growing your business, or even on the things you love.

Shipping for small businesses needn’t be a burden – instead, it can be a breeze with Bob Go. Thousands of happy Bob Go customers can testify to how a Bob Go subscription has freed them up to focus on growing their sales, revenue and profits – and their customers in turn can count on an improved fulfilment experience, including being kept in the loop at all stages of the shipping process.
As a small business, your resources are naturally limited – but with Bob Go, you can achieve so much more. We have years of experience in joining the dots between sellers and buyers, and helping small business like yours to deliver on their promises.

To learn more about smart shipping and order management solutions for small enterprises just like yours, visit https://www.bobgo.co.za or email support@bobgo.co.za

If you’re still not convinced of the benefits of outsourcing shipping for small businesses, then why not try a free 14-day trial – simply click here: https://my.bobgo.co.za/register