Should you take advantage of Black Friday as an online merchant?

As a Shopify merchant you have probably started seeing a bunch of emails and notifications in your Shopify admin about Black Friday.  You may have even seen some stats on how much will be spent and how crazy things will get.  So as a merchant, should you take advantage of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday trend here in sunny SA?

Well, let’s look at some stats from 2015 to help you decide:

Black Friday Infographic

Black Friday is certainly becoming a popular sales day here in South Africa, especially for online sales. Typically, merchants that offer specials and savings on this day tend to make many more sales than those online stores that don’t, but those sales come at the price of some big discounts.

If you can afford to discount your products at all, offering some really good deals may be the way to go to boost both sales and awareness of your online store. Using Black Friday sales to ‘wow’ customers with regards to your service is also a good way to get people talking about your store, and that will help build more sales for the future.

If you aren’t offering any Black Friday sales on your online store, be sure to look out for a few bargains on the day. There are bound to be bigger and better deals. Also, make sure you shop at a Shopify store – they are certain to be up this coming Black Friday.