Trending apps for a better Shopify experience

Here are a couple of trending apps we recommend you consider adding to your Shopify empire to help streamline your business process and save you some time to get on with the fun stuff.


Does your store have a Kit?

We don’t mean a uniform or a set of branded stationery, we mean KitCRM.

Founded in 2013, Kit acts as a virtual marketing assistant that helps manage small businesses’ marketing tasks so that entrepreneurs can focus on other aspects of their business.  Kit runs targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram, posts updates to your Facebook Page, makes recommendations based on store activities, sends out email newsletter campaigns and more, all via text message commands.

The wonderful thing about Kit is that it is always available to do small tasks that take up a ton of time and can cause frustration.  It’s easy! You simply message Kit, wait for the reply and then tell it what to do.

Kit integrates into Facebook, Instagram, Bold Apps, Yotpo Reviews and more; and also has a powerful API for those other apps that you want to integrate Kit into.

For more, check out their website or search for Kit in the Shopify App store.

MailChimp Automation

We all know how important it is to send out regular email newsletters to our subscribers and MailChimp is the email campaign management tool of choice for most Shopify store owners, however until now those emails have had to be super generic and not much fun to set up.  Enter MailChimp Automation.

With MailChimp’s new Automation tools, you can email customers and make those emails specific to their buying patterns, entice them to come back to complete their purchase or email them after a sale to come back to buy more from your store, all with personalised product recommendations based on their buying behaviour.  No more generic product slots in your emails, now you can show your customers products you think they would be interested in based on what they have bought before.  The best part?  MailChimp works it all out for you.

Simply connect your store, set up your automation triggers and MailChimp does the rest.

Your customers are 70% more likely to buy from you if they have bought from you in the past.  Doesn’t it make sense then to target them again?  With MailChimp’s automation tools, that job is as good as done.

For more info, head over to their website, or check out the MailChimp for Shopify app in the Shopify App Store.