Bigger, better, Bob Group

Bob Group’s grand vision

Ecommerce is hardly a new idea, but over the last three years, a massive shift has taken place. Propelled by the pandemic, the ecommerce industry has boomed in a country previously tied tightly to bricks-and-mortar retail. Despite people moving to online shopping like never before, ecommerce in South Africa continues to face challenges including an inadequate delivery network, a struggling economy and compromised infrastructure. 

While these are tangible issues, the biggest obstacle to ecommerce growth is the burden of unnecessary complexity. Ecommerce should be simple and easy, and yet, people still struggle because many of the processes involved are complicated, expensive, time-consuming or even intimidating.

Enter Bob Group. 

The idea behind Bob Group is connecting two ecommerce powerhouses, combining ideas and building a company with a vision bold enough to  transform the South African ecommerce landscape. Inspired by a history of entrepreneurship and overcoming adversity, Bob Group will enable future ecommerce success stories by giving people a safe, supported space in which to establish and grow their online businesses. Essentially,  our goal is to become a holistic ecommerce ecosystem where entrepreneurs can thrive when they’re given the tools and services they need to succeed online.

We want to remove barriers to ecommerce and make online buying and selling a democratic, inclusive experience where everyone is welcome. It should be simple, straightforward and, above all, empowering and rewarding for both buyers and sellers. We are aiming to bring people closer together by eliminating the distances between them, and to build an inspired, connected community. 

Bob Group will offer software solutions that are affordable, simple and accessible to every South African wanting to succeed online. By providing a range of services including a shipping solution (Bob Go, formerly uAfrica), a marketplace (Bob Shop, formerly bidorbuy)  and a payment gateway (Bob Pay), amongst others, we are delivering the integrated,  streamlined experience that online merchants have been asking for.  

The vision of Bob Group is much greater than just pushing out pretty technology. It’s about creating a community, inspiring the entrepreneurs of tomorrow and walking alongside them on their journey as we provide “everything ecommerce” for everyone.