Custom Shipping Zones

Until very recently Shopify merchants in South Africa have only been able to set up shipping rates based at province level.  This is not only cumbersome and inaccurate but it has frustrated many online merchants who need more control over the rates they present to their customers.  As a result we have developed our Custom Shipping Zones app and published it to the Shopify App store. 

Custom Shipping Zones allows you to create custom zones based on the service level and custom rates given to you by your shipping provider, those rates are then displayed to customers at checkout based on their postcode.

Default zones include Local, Main Centre and Regional and you can then create different rates and service levels to each of those zones.  When a customer enters their postcode at checkout our app classifies that particular postcode into the respective shipping zone that you created and presents the rate for the corresponding zone.

Here’s an example.  Your store is based in Cape Town.  You sell a product to a customer in Kathu in the Northern Cape.  Your customer proceeds through checkout and enters the postcode 8446.  The Custom Shipping Zones app then looks up the postcode and classifies it as a Regional area, displaying the rate that you have set up for the Regional zone.

Custom Shipping Zones is also customisable allowing you to edit zones, add zones and even classify postcodes into different zones.  This gives you more granular control of your shipping rates presented to customers.

Custom Shipping Zones is now available on the Shopify App store and can be installed in one click.  The price for the app is $14.00 per month, however if you subscribe to our Multichannel service the app will be FREE to use as part of uAfrica’s suite of products.

Custom Shipping Zones by uAfrica.com

Got questions or want to learn more about how the app works?  Give us a call on 012 940 1060 or email the team at support@uafrica.com.