Finding the best shipping rates for ecommerce

If you’re running an online business, you need to be able to get the items you’ve sold, delivered to your customers quickly, efficiently – and cost-effectively. That means looking for the best shipping rates for ecommerce. True, you can pass these costs onto your buyers, but in the competitive world of ecommerce, you need to be competitive in all areas of your business.

As an incentive to potential buyers, you may want to offer free shipping (at least on orders above a certain value). This can help to boost your sales, but also has an impact on your bottom line, as you will then need to absorb the shipping costs.

Either way, you’ll want to choose courier partners that offer great value. Rather than do this yourself, you can subscribe to Bob Go’s services and benefit from our excellent relationships with some of SA’s leading courier partners.

Image courtesy of Karolina Kaboompics. Published on: May 23rd, 2020 Source: Pexel.com

The benefits of choice

We have several courier partners, giving you choice when it comes to looking for the best shipping rates for ecommerce. Currently, we work with these leading courier companies: The Courier Guy, RAM, Internet Express, SkyNet, WumDrop and Fastway.

As a Bob Go subscriber, you don’t need to have an account with any of these companies – instead, you can select from their best rates when you book an item for shipping to one of your customers.

We get fulfilment

Bob Go (formerly known as uAfrica) has years of experience in shipping and fulfilment. That means that we instinctively understand your needs as an online seller, and the vital role that ecommerce shipping plays in both your customer value proposition, and your business finances.

We know that overpriced ecommerce shipping can really eat into your profit margins; that’s why we work with our courier partners to bring you rates that you may well not be able to negotiate on your own.

Each of our courier partners offer various service levels, including premium services like same-day delivery and airfreight. Offering exceptional shipping solutions can give you a competitive edge; at the same time, our transparent pricing structures mean that you can confidently aim for the sweet spot between delighting your buyers, and keeping your accountant happy. Equally, if you’re under pressure to cut costs still further, many of our courier partners offer economy options that can further reduce your business expenses.

Informing your customers

Once you’ve used Bob Go to select the best shipping rates for ecommerce, you’ll need to make sure that your shoppers can easily find this information. That’s where our rates at checkout function comes in handy.

With the ability to calculate both static and dynamic rates, as well as providing real-time courier rates (all depending on your specified service levels), rates at checkout from Bob Go lets your buyers know exactly where they stand, and helps you ensure that you are offering the best shipping rates for ecommerce.

Fair, clear and competitive prices mean fewer abandoned carts, and higher conversion rates – the ultimate goal for online entrepreneurs. To learn more about using Bob Go to manage your shipping rates (and your entire fulfilment process), visit https://www.bobgo.co.za/features