A new name and a new look

It’s time for the big reveal.

From March 2023, uAfrica will become Bob Go – part of Bob Group.

Bob Group is a revolutionary new brand, formed from the merger of uAfrica and bidorbuy in August 2022. With an extraordinary vision of making ecommerce accessible to everyone, Bob Group offers powerful ‘everything ecommerce’ services to South African business. As part of the goal to provide a seamless ecommerce experience to our customers, uAfrica is rebranding to become Bob Go. 

“Go” is synonymous with getting started or launching a new business. We want to empower new merchants to get online and simply get started. Because we offer more than just shipping at Bob Go, a name like ‘Ship’ or ‘Orders’ would be too limiting. Our goal is bigger than that. We want to encompass fulfillment in its entirety, with a focus on automation, innovation and streamlining processes for ecommerce merchants. There was no better word than “Go” for this – it just made sense.

Jaco Roux, Head of Product for Bob Group

Although the branding, look and feel are changing and reflect a new era in our shared history, we will remain the smart shipping and order management solution you know and love. 

Different logo, same mission: smart shipping.