Magento x Bob Go: the ultimate shipping integration

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Magento x Bob Go: the ultimate shipping integration

Choosing the right ecommerce platform on which to build your website is a crucial decision for business owners. In today’s digital age, customers expect a personalised experience – and Magento is one platform that can provide such a service.

Magento is an open-source system that can be customised to any business, ranging from small online stores to major corporations. It offers extensive integrations, intuitive workflows, incredible agility and the foundation for seamless growth.

The robust capabilities of the platform have been at the core of the Magento and Bob Go integration. This integration enables users to easily connect their ecommerce sites to Bob Go’s smart shipping and order management solution to streamline their logistics processes. Once the integration is configured, order information is synced between the Magento and Bob Go in real-time, offering users a simple and smart solution to ship their orders. This instantaneous syncing of data between the channels ensures that order information is always up to date. This prevents users from handling the same order twice. 

The process is quite simple: A customer places an order and pays for it. The paid order first reflects on the Magento admin site and the payment from the sale is captured. The order then pulls through to the Bob Go dashboard. The merchant confirms the shipping details, selects a courier quote and fulfills the order. This order information is updated on the Magento admin. The courier collects and delivers the parcel. Once the parcel is delivered, the order is updated as “delivered” on Bob Go and as “completed” on Magento.

As with most integrations there are limitations, which will be addressed in phase three of the Magento x Bob Go integration – to be released by mid-2023. Phase three will also aim to link Bob Go’s rates at checkout feature to the platform, allowing users to set up shipping rates that will be charged to their buyers at checkout. These rates can be configured based on certain criteria and can be set up for different service levels with other specific requirements.

The Magento x Bob Go integration is a powerful solution to users’ order management and shipping problems. Automate and streamline order processes and save valuable time and money – integrate your store with Bob Go today!