Measuring the size of parcels accurately

We often get queries from customer who wonder why the estimate charge and final charge differ. It could be due to a number of reasons, but one reason that we see most often is that the customers do not know how to accurately measure their parcels. 

Here is a quick guide on the difference between actual and volumetric weight and how to measure your parcels as accurately as possible.

The actual weight of the parcel versus the volumetric weight: 

In order to obtain a correct estimate rate, you need to ensure you provide the system with the actual weight, as well as the dimensions (width, height and length) of the parcel. The courier will then charge you on the highest weight. 

The actual weight is the weight in kilograms that your parcel weighs, including the packaging:

The volumetric weight is based on the dimensions of the parcel, including the packaging. 

Volumetric weight = width x height x length / 4000

How to measure a parcel accurately:

If the product that you are shipping is placed in a small box and this small box then gets placed into a courier sleeve as per the image below, then the courier will charge on the dimensions of the sleeve. The courier will put the parcel through its volumizer machines, which will take the measurements and will charge on the sleeve, not just the box. Merchants thus need to make sure that they provide the system with the correct dimensions, and not only select “Standard Sleeve” dimensions since the height of this is only 5cm.

This is very important to note that if you entered the dimensions of the box (as shown by the red dotted lines in the image above), the courier will charge you as per the sleeve dimensions (the green dimensions in the image above) and there could be a difference between your estimate and final charge. 

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