New PayFast Integration with Shopify

In the ever-changing eCommerce landscape it only stands to reason that you need to constantly keep up with the times.

Shopify recently notified us that they were no longer taking updates to their original method of integration and that we needed to migrate the PayFast integration to a new and improved method. Having taken over development of the integration from uAfrica, our developers set about integrating into Shopify using their new and even more secure systems.

The new integration does not change the checkout process for the buyer and still just requires your numeric merchant ID and the merchant Key from your PayFast settings page to activate. The new integration also makes our sandbox testing environment available, which makes testing payments for you store easier. The sandbox can be easily activated by selecting test mode under the Shopify PayFast plugin settings.

We’ve also made transactions more secure by making use of an encrypted signature which ensures that the payment information is safe and not tampered with.

The old integration can no longer be set up, so any newer stores will require no further action.

Still using the old integration?  Here is why you should update.

  • The new integration is more secure and follows Shopify’s new requirements
  • The checkout process for buyers remains unchanged
  • It’s quick and easy
  • It’s FREE
  • The old integration may still be used but Shopify no longer allows further updates.

Not sure how to update?

Follow this link to a step by step guide on how to upgrade to the latest integration.