Online shipping software, how to choose?

Online shipping software

If you’re running your own ecommerce business, you want to focus on growth and unlocking new revenue streams. However, the admin involved in shipping and fulfilment of your orders can take up valuable time, and become an obstacle to your ambitions.

The good news is that you can effectively outsource this essential but time-consuming task by using online shipping software which lets you automate many of the administrative tasks involved in shipping an order to a customer.

In this way, you can save time and money, and improve the experience for your customers thanks to shorter time periods between ordering and receiving their items, and complete accuracy in terms of pick-ups and deliveries.

The challenge of scaling up

If your online business is still relatively small, or you see it as a side hustle rather than your main source of income, then the volume of orders may still be quite low. However, as your business grows, you’ll find that with more orders, you need to set aside more and more time for fulfilment. Let’s face it, we all know admin is necessary, but nobody loves it. Another great reason to effectively outsource it.  

Choosing the right online shipping software

With so many options available, making the right decision as to which online shipping software to choose can be almost as overwhelming as the admin burden you’re trying to shift. You already know you want an online solution because of the anytime, anywhere access and tech support. Here’s what else you should look out for:

Proprietary software

Rather than an off the shelf solution, look for online shipping software that’s been designed with your specific needs as a South African online business in mind. Software that’s backed by years of experience, and which comes with first-class support. Bob Go’s online shipping software was created in South Africa, for South African ecommerce enterprises. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that the Rainbow Nation represents, from potholes and loadshedding to a growing online audience.

Easy of integration

This is a big one! Be certain to choose online shipping software that can be easily integrated with your sales platform, and which in turn shows that it can easily integrate multiple courier options. Easy integration means an easier life thanks to more streamlined business processes, and a wider range of choices. At Bob Go, integration runs in our veins – it’s part of our DNA.


Look for online shipping software that gives you options in terms of courier partners and shipping quotes. This can help save you money, as well as removing the need to source multiple quotes yourself. You can also choose the courier company that best meets your needs, whether your focus is on speed, volume or nationwide reach. Bob Go has partnered with multiple courier companies to give you the widest possible range of options.


One of the biggest potential benefits of online shipping software is being able to accomplish tasks in a single step, rather than multiple stages. With Bob Go’s one-click functionality, you can generate shipping labels in mere moments.

Tracking functionality

With the ever-increasing volumes of ecommerce deliveries, many customers have an underlying worry that their items may be delayed or even lost. The more information you can share with them, the more relaxed and confident they will be. Bob Go provides real-time tracking for both sellers and buyers, keeping everyone in the loop at all times.

When you find online shipping software that ticks all these boxes, then you’ve found the answer to all your admin and fulfilment challenges. To speed up your search, start your free Bob Go trial today.