The only SaaS shipping platform you need

SaaS shipping platform

At Bob Go, we’re all about improving the shipping and fulfilment experience for you and your customers. A big part of that is developing software as a service (SaaS) solutions and making them available on our shipping platform to help sellers like you keep your promises to your online customers.

As an SaaS shipping platform provider, we take on the cost of developing and maintaining the software you need to seamlessly run your online business and ensure that the sold items you dispatch to customers reach them on time, and without any mix-ups.

This means that you can focus on growing your business and providing exceptional customer service, safe in the knowledge that the fulfilment side of things is in the safest possible hands. Our inhouse dev team has a stellar track record when it comes to conceptualising, coding and testing new software, and they constantly monitor our SaaS shipping platform offering for any bugs or glitches. In the very rare event that a fault occurs, they’re ideally placed to identify the source of the issue, and deal with it.

Benefits of the Bob Go platform

Using our SaaS shipping platform offers you multiple advantages:

  • Choice – we have partnered with leading courier companies to offer you the widest possible range of quotes and service levels, so you can select the option that works best for your online business.
  • Support – our tech team is easy to reach in the event that you experience any issues and they’ll soon have you up and running.
  • One point of contact – as a Bob Go subscriber, you’ll have all your software and shipping solutions in one place, helping you to streamline your business and saving you both time and money.
  • Understanding – Bob Go evolved from shipping specialists uAfrica, which means we have years of experience when it comes to shipping and fulfilment. As a service of Bob Group, we have access to outstanding expertise in all areas of ecommerce success.
  • Insights – thanks to our advanced SaaS shipping platform, both you and your customers can track shipments in near real-time, giving both parties in the transaction complete peace of mind. You can also use our shipping platform to generate reports into all aspects of the fulfilment performance of your business.

How the Bob Go platform works

We deliver our SaaS solutions via the cloud, so you can access them from anywhere, on any connected device. The Bob Go SaaS shipping platform is a ready-made solution to all your shipping needs, and saves you the cost and time of developing your own software, or trying to integrate a third-party offering that doesn’t come backed by years of experience in South African ecommerce.

Each time we update our SaaS shipping platform, we roll out the improvements or patches to all subscribers, so as long as your subscription is up to date, you’ll always have the latest version of our software at your disposal. If you have your own business software, you can even integrate it with our SaaS using an API. When it comes to integration, streamlining and functionality, nothing beats Bob Go’s SaaS shipping platform. To take advantage of our SaaS offering, start your free Bob Go trial today.