Smart Shipping with Integrated Product Management

We reckon we’ve been involved in eCommerce for a substantial amount of time now and with our combined experience we have a heap of information at our disposal as well as a big dollop of handy tricks of the trade.  We took notice when people spoke about the trials and tribulations of getting a courier contract in place in South Africa and a lot of merchants started asking us for help and suggestions on how to make shipping easier.

When we analysed the situation in detail we were rather unpleasantly surprised to find it took up to a month to get a simple courier contract in place, whereas setting up a payment gateway (you know, that platform that requires confidential, financial and personal information in order to be validated) a maximum of 48 hours to be up and running and selling online.  This simply wasn’t good enough in our eyes, there was no consistency.  It’s so simple in countries like USA, UK and Europe, why couldn’t South Africans have access to this kind of simple shipping too?  So, with that in mind, we created uAfrica Shipping.

No more relying on just one courier to deliver your goods, you now have multiple couriers at your fingertips to check quotes from all their available service levels, based on your parcel’s dimensions and weight.  By bringing popular platforms together such as Shopify and bidorbuy you can organise, check, edit and fulfil orders in one place, streamlining your business processes and allowing you to get on with more important stuff.

uAfrica.com integrates with South African couriers’ APIs to bring you the greatest shipping solution this side of the equator.  By signing up to our Multichannel service, you get access to our shipping solution as well as the ability to integrate into multiple eCommerce platforms.  You’re able to add parcel dimensions and weight, view and select quotes, create and print out personalised waybills in 2 clicks, request collections from couriers, send out shipping notifications and track orders every step of the way.

And to think this is just the beginning!  We’re so sure that you’ll love using our shipping that we’re giving you your first shipment for FREE*.  

Here’s a rundown of what you can do on uAfrica Shipping:

  • Receive competitive quotes from multiple courier companies at the same time
  • Customise electronic waybills with your company logo
  • Request collections from couriers online
  • Track your deliveries every step of the way
  • Get insurance on your parcels
  • Send parcels from multiple locations
  • Send orders in multiple boxes
  • Send a portion of an order
  • Send your customers tracking notifications
  • Discounts of up to 40%

New courier integrations will be added soon, such as Fastway Couriers and Time Freight, and on top of all of that we’ll be looking at integrating into other eCommerce platforms in the new year too.

There is a lot on the go in the uAfrica.com office this year, we’re really looking forward to making our solutions even better for all online merchants in SA.  Feel free to head over to our website and sign up for Free.  If you have any questions about our Shipping solution or would like more information, please get in touch with our support team in the office at 012 940 1060 or email them on support@uafrica.com