A different logo, but the same mission.

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves.

Every business aims to have a mission, a goal that it strives for, but achieving this mission requires more than just a vision. A business’s image and how it projects itself to its customers, employees and the public is a key factor in the success and longevity of any company. uAfrica is no exception, and although the heart of the company remains the same, its outward appearance has evolved with a new logo and name to better express our mission. 

Our mission is to provide unparalleled efficiency and quality in our services. The primary goal is to provide seamless shipping, while at the same time providing an experience that is fast, easy and convenient for our customers. The hallmark of uAfrica is our dedication to providing prompt and expert customer service, something that can often be hard to come by in today’s world of automated and impersonal transactions. 

The original logo of uAfrica featured the letter “U” in the shape of Africa, which signifies our focus on servicing everyone in ecommerce, as well as our initial goal of expanding into the rest of the continent. While this logo was certainly successful in getting our message across and served us well for so many years, times and tastes change, and so do the needs of our new company. 

The new logo of Bob Go features a “B” for Bob Group in the design of a hand, conveying the message of being a helping hand to ecommerce merchants in South Africa. The hand is also a powerful symbol of empowerment and support. It emphasises our goal of providing the tools and services online startups and established businesses need. 

While the heart of our mission remains the same, the new modern design conveys the message of our commitment to ecommerce in a way that hopefully resonates with the customers of today. The change may be drastic, but it projects the same timeless message of putting our customers first – a commitment to empowerment, support, and simplicity.

A different logo, but the same mission: smart shipping.