Standard shipping: what is it and why it’s important

In ecommerce, overnight deliveries and instant gratification reign supreme so it’s easy to overlook the humble workhorse of the shipping world “standard shipping”. This is the backbone of countless successful ecommerce businesses, offering a crucial balance between cost, speed, and customer satisfaction.

standard shipping

Image courtesy of ELEVATE. Published on: July 25th, 2018. Source: Pexel.com

So, what exactly is it? Think of it as the reliable, everyday option offered to your customers at checkout. It typically falls somewhere between the lightning-fast express delivery and the economy road. It might involve ground transportation through couriers like The courier guy, Internet Express or RAM, and takes anywhere from 3 to 4 business days to reach its destination.

Why is standard shipping important?

standard shipping

Image courtesy of Pavel Danilyuk. Published on: January 5th, 2021. Source: Pexel.com

It’s the affordability sweet spot: Compared to express options, standard shipping is significantly cheaper, making it attractive to a wider range of customers. This can translate to higher cart values and boosted conversion rates.

It strikes a balance on speed: While not the fastest option, it delivers within a reasonable timeframe, ensuring customers receive their purchases fairly quickly without breaking the bank. This creates a happy medium that meets most expectations.

It’s predictable and reliable: With established delivery networks and couriers, it offers a high degree of predictability. Customers know when to expect their package, leading to fewer inquiries and a smoother post-purchase experience.

It fosters customer trust: By offering a transparent and affordable option, standard shipping builds trust with your customers. They know exactly what they’re getting and can make informed decisions based on their budgets and needs.

It is versatile and adaptable: Standard shipping can be customised to fit your specific business needs. You can offer free shipping thresholds, set shipping rates based on weight or distance, and even integrate with various platforms and plugins for seamless management.

Bob Go, your ecommerce shipping ally, understands the power of standard shipping. We offer a suite of features to help you leverage its benefits:

Dynamic Rates: get real-time quotes from multiple couriers, ensuring you offer competitive and up-to-date standard shipping rates to your customers.
Courier Integrations: choose from a network of reliable couriers to find the perfect fit for your budget and delivery needs.
Fixed Rates: offer free shipping above a certain order value to incentivise larger purchases and boost basket sizes.
Order Tracking: track your packages every step of the way, providing transparency and peace of mind to your customers.

Remember, standard shipping isn’t just about ticking a box. It’s a strategic tool that can be used to build customer loyalty, increase sales, and create a smooth and reliable shopping experience. With Bob Go by your side, you can harness the power of standard shipping to fuel your ecommerce empire’s success.

So, the next time you’re tempted to overlook the trusty workhorse, remember: standard shipping might just be the secret weapon you’ve been looking for.